7 Options to Make Your Money Work for You

7 Options to Make Your Money Work for You

People comment that it’s not just about saving money. The belief is that the best way to control your money is to invest it and make it work for you in the future. But what can you invest in? There are many options to choose from. Choose yours to make sure your money is safe and sound!

What is investing?

To begin with, investing is distributing your money for greater profits. For example, if you lend money to a friend, and he repays you the debt a year later – say $110 instead of the $100 you lent, that means you technically invested in your friend with 10% per year.

You don’t need any specific knowledge to start investing. It seems difficult, but all you need is a more or less clear idea of ​​what you want to do with your money and what are the possible options. Investments are not a sacred financial science – just basic principles for people who care about their savings.

The most popular ways to invest money are real estate and, well, cash – but this is the situation in which the most popular is not the best. Let’s look at some options you can choose to invest your funds.

What are the options?


Some people still believe that saving money in heaps hidden under the bedroom floor is a valid option. Basically, it is, but there are several points to remember if that is your best option. First, you have too easy access to money, so it is harder to resist the temptation to spend a little more on additional things. And secondly, remember inflation: at some point, you might find that your savings are worth less than you expected.

Fixed bank deposit

You deposit your money in a bank with a particular interest rate per year. Each country and each bank have their initial deposit, deposit tenure and the percentage you get.

Imagine you have an additional $1,000 that you want to avoid spending. You put them in the bank with, say, 6% per year. That means that in a year you will have $1,060, not the biggest gain in history, but something, considering that you don’t need to do anything to get it.


Do you remember the example where you lend money to a friend and receive more in a year? It works similarly. But instead of a friend, you are lending money to the government, a region or a company. Here you know with certainty when you will recover your money and what percentage you will receive in addition to the amount you gave.

There are also Eurobonds, which are not denominated in the national currency of the country that issued them. Eurobonds are issued in foreign currency for both the issuing and the buyer side.

Bonds are a little less risky than stocks and are long termed too. Typically, the government sells bonds to banks or other financial companies and then distributes them to investors. Profitability will depend on many factors, but, after all, it is also not a tremendous financial break.

Forex Trading

Yes, Forex is not only a way to earn your first million, but it is also a way to keep your money in circulation. With FBS, you can enter the financial market and multiply your investments. It is free to open an account. You can access Forex with a Real Account or start in Demo and try first.

Don’t you want to risk a lot? You can try the Trade 100 Bonus and get $100 no deposit for your initial deposit. It is a great start in Forex!

Trading Forex carries more risks than simply depositing your money in a bank or buying bonds, but the point is that you are risking a much larger reward. In the case of Forex, you could get not 8%, but 50%, 100% and even more per year. Do you imagine? With proper risk management, you will multiply your initial deposit easily!


The shares slightly remind the bonds in their mechanism. You buy a small part of the shares of a company (or maybe not so small, it will depend on your skills) and you get dividends from it as a shareholder.

As long as the company does well, the shares will rise; every time the business has a fall, the shares will become cheaper. The shares are usually quite affordable in terms of price, but remember that the less you invest, the greater the commission of the broker. In addition, the actions are quite risky. When the situation is stable in a company, it means that the shares are operated at an average level. The best time to buy shares is when they are low, but make sure they don’t go down anymore.

PAMM accounts

PAMM accounts (whose translation is Percentage Assignment Management Module) are for those who are not as good at trading or simply want to be more an investor than an active trader. The broker provides a shared account with a mutual fund, where the investor is placing his money so that the operator does the job of trading in the market. The trader cannot withdraw the funds without the approval of the investor, and the investor cannot operate without a trader.

There may be more than one manager, trader, and investor – it may be the whole team, but in that case, it becomes more complicated and is called open funds. Open funds are a collective form of investment when the funds of several people are raised for mutual investment and thus create a more impressive portfolio.

ETF accounts

A quoted investment fund or ETF is operated on the stock exchange and allows people to buy or sell it through brokers. The ETF is a good opportunity to cover risks because it consists of a combination of stocks, bonds, and other instruments. An ETF can have several shares of large companies.

ETFs are closely linked to major indices, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S & P500 and others. The ETF is more profitable than individual stocks or PAMM accounts but is more suitable for experienced investors. This is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

What you should NOT invest in

Binary options and financial pyramids are a no-no for anyone who respects the money he worked for. This is the bad company you should not relate to. They usually seem pretty tempting, because of the sums you could get – but the risks are too high.

The winner takes it all or loses more than he was ready to lose. The losing option is 100 times more possible to happen, so save yourself money and your nerves.

Facing investments

Investing is not as easy as ABC, but neither is it space science. Once you know your options, you can choose what best suits your lifestyle and see that your money works for you. Investing, however complicated it may seem at first glance, is a basic thing for everyone who takes their money seriously. And once you take your money seriously, you earn money seriously – it’s a matter of attitude!


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